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Mixing This Matching That: Exhibition of Collage Art by Lai Sio Kit and his students
3/7/2019 460/003REL/RP/19

To support local cultural and creative industry development and enrich the cultural life of the citizens, the Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) hosts “Mixing This Matching That: Exhibition of Collage Art by Lai Sio Kit and his students”, showcasing the collage art works created by local artist Lai Sio Kit and his students. General public is invited to visit the exhibition at the Team Building of IFT’s Mong-Há Campus from 7 March to 2 June 2019.


IFT has been dedicated to providing a variety of cultural and creative courses to the people working in the industry and to the citizens in general. Since 2015, IFT has been offering “Macao Contemporary Artists Series - Lai Sio Kit: Creative Collage with Watercolor” course. Due to its rich and interesting content, the course has been very well accepted by the students.


Collage art is a more casual art form, with few limits to the material used. Most of the collages we usually see are combination of images from magazine cut out. To have more elements of painting, the course teacher set a rule that the paper material used in the collages should be paper colored by the students. Even without any painting experience, the students were also able to create painting-like collages. The exhibition features 30 pieces of art work created by the teacher and his students. A variety of seemingly unrelated images are set together to manifest artists’ creativity and translate a whole new fresh sensation to the audiences. 


Apart from constantly providing a variety of cultural and creative courses, IFT has also pursued cooperation with local artists to organise exhibitions in recent years, integrating art into the lives of citizens.

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