In order to combat the prevailing threat of Novel coronavirus pneumonia, IFTM Management and heads of administrative departments had an emergency meeting to discuss a series of anti-epidemic measures on January 23. A contingency taskforce was set up to review the existing Crisis Management Plan which covers a contingent plan about the “Outbreak of Contagious Diseases” and all units are implementing appropriate anti-epidemic measures to safeguard the health and safety of all staff and students.

Infection Prevention and Control Measures

  1. A taskforce was set up.
  2. Crisis Management Plan under ISO22301 Business Continuity Management System was activated.
  3. Sanitizing gels are provided at main entrances, restaurant, libraries and reception counters.
  4. Public areas such as handrail, washrooms and elevators are being disinfected 3 times a day with chlorinated water (1:99).
  5. Face masks are provided to those personnel in need.
  6. The Macao SAR Government exempted civil servants from work till February 16 in order to avoid crowd aggregation and minimize the risk of spreading the infectious virus. The Government strongly advised civil servants to stay at home as much as possible.
  7. A survey on novel coronavirus anti-epidemic measures was launched on January 31 to all staff (including adjunct faculty members), students and outsourced service staff.
  8. IFTM also refers to the guidelines of the Health Bureau of Macao SAR Government for hygiene and safety management.
  9. Body temperature check points have been set up at all campus buildings and hostel entrances. All personnel entering the campus must have their temperature taken.
  10. All personnel entering the campus must wear face masks and they should pay attention to their personal hygiene.
  11. Present your “Macau health code” to the security. (you might also need to present your student/staff/ID card for identity verification if necessary)

Hostel Arrangement

Due to the postponement of campus classes and the adoption of online class delivery, non-local students who are currently out of Macao are forbidden to come back to campus or Student Hostel. However, hostel residents who are staying in Macao now should refrain from going out as much as possible and take personal precaution.

Class Resumption and Class Arrangement

Class Resumption

  1. In accordance with the latest announcement made by the Macao SAR Government on January 29, class resumption of local higher education institutes will be postponed until further notice (click here for details). Class resumption notice will be announced one week in advance. If students cannot come back to Macao in time to attend classes due to force majeure, they could submit valid documents to the Institute for individual consideration.
  2. Mainland students studying in local higher education institutes DO NOT need to return to Macao for classes and thus could have self-observation at home until classes are resumed. All IFTM classes (degree programmes, continuing education courses and postgraduate programmes) as well as other academic and exchange activities will be suspended until further notice.
  3. Continuing education courses will be resumed gradually starting from Mar 2. Participants please pay attention to the SMS notification for further arrangement.

Special Class Arrangement

Due to the uncertainty of the epidemic development, after discussion among IFTM Management and Coordinators, it is decided to opt for online teaching and learning for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Details will be sent to Institute emails to students and faculty members.

Undergraduate Internship Arrangement

As detailed in the “Fourth phase of special measure for internship in response to the Novel Coronavirus epidemic” announcement on March 18, 2020, please be reminded that the requirements for internship program completion have been adjusted to:

  1. With reference to the six-month internship duration requirement:
    • The suspension period between Jan 26 to March 31, 2020 will be considered as a result of force majeure and will not need to be compensated. The overall duration requirement of six months is thus unchanged; and
  2. With reference to the 800 minimum working hours requirement:
    • Is reduced to a minimum of 600 working hours

Although students (except those non-Macao residents who are now residing outside of Macao SAR; for details please refer to: “ Additional measure (March 25): Fourth phase of special measure for internship in response to the Novel Coronavirus epidemic” announced on March 25) are allowed to resume their internship on April 1, 2020 at the earliest, we understand that as the situation develops, some students are having difficulties to resume their internship immediately for various reasons including but not limited to:

  • The student needs to be quarantined
  • The original internship placement is no longer available and thus the student needs to seek a second placement
  • The internship provider (IP) cannot resume operations immediately and thus requests the student to resume internship at a later date.
  • Some interns currently undertaking internships overseas are on mandatory suspension as ordered by the respective governments and/or are unable to leave the country due to travel ban/border closures

To assist these affected students to cope with this difficult situation, the Pedagogic Council Practicum and Internship Sub-Committee (PCPI) will consider the period of delay of resumption to be a part of the six-month overall duration requirement as these are situations beyond the students’ control. All students will still be required to meet the minimum 600 hours requirement in the six-month overall duration. In other words, an extension of the internship period will be required if a student is not able to meet the 600 hours within the six-month period.

For the attention of non-Macao residents who are now residing outside of Macao SAR only

As informed by the IFTM Hostel today, hostel service (using the hostel facilities in the University of Macau campus) will resume on April 3, 2020. However, please be reminded that the IFTM hostel will only arrange the room for you with written approval from Pedagogic Council Practicum and Internship Sub-Committee (PCPI) on your internship resumption. Moreover, upon checking in at the hostel, you are required to go through a 14-day self-quarantine as this is a precaution measure for your own health and safety. For hostel arrangement and inquiries, please contact: (Ms. Lucy Wong).

Again, you should not return to Macao without written approval from PCPI. In order to receive this approval, you are required to follow the following instructions.

  1. If your original internship placement is no longer available in Macao:
    • You are recommended to apply for a second placement in your country/region of residence instead of returning to Macao to look for a second placement.
    • However, if you insist on applying for a second placement in Macao, you should apply remotely (e.g. by email) and/or to conduct an interview by online channel (e.g. online meeting tools like Skype, Zoom, Wechat, etc.) instead of returning to Macao first. Please take into consideration the forth mentioned 14-day self-quarantine requirement and thus you should schedule the start date of your second placement on a date after the self-quarantine is completed.
    • Once your second placement is confirmed, follow the standard procedure of submitting the Proposed Internship Placement form (by email) to and the PCPI will verify it with your IP.
    • Once all details are verified, you will receive an email approval from the PCPI to return to Macao to start your second placement. You are advised not to arrange your flight (or other transportation means) before receiving this approval.
  2. If your original internship placement in Macao is still available:
    • Contact your internship provider (IP) as soon as possible to discuss a mutually accepted date of internship resumption. Please take into consideration the forth mentioned 14-day self-quarantine requirement and thus to schedule your resumption on a date after the self-quarantine is completed.
    • Once you have the resumption date confirmed with your IP, email the details to and the PCPI will verify it with your IP.
    • Once all details are verified, you will receive an email approval from the PCPI to return to Macao to resume your internship.
    • You are advised not to arrange your flight (or other transportation means) before receiving this approval.

Students can refer to email announcement for more details. Should you have any further inquiries or need special assistance, please contact

Temporary Closure of Facilities

The IFTM sports facilities and computer rooms will also be closed and not be available for rental service until further notice.

Suspension of Exchanges and Visits

All exchanges with mainland institutes/organisations will be temporarily suspended or delayed. Besides, visits and promotional activities will be postponed too.

JAE postponed to mid-April and Supplementary Application is open

In response to the Covid-19 development, through the coordination of Higher Education Bureau, it has been agreed among University of Macau, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macao Institute for Tourism Studies and Macau University of Science to postpone the Joint Admission Examination for Macao Four Higher Education Institutions (JAE) to April 16-19 so as to allow ample time for candidates to be better prepared.

New exam dates: April 16 and 17 for Portuguese; April 18 for Chinese & April 19 for English and Mathematics

Considering JAE is an important pathway for Macao students to apply to universities, all four institutions agree to provide supplementary application opportunities to potential high school leavers of local secondary schools. Interested students can simply apply to the target institution by email before 2200 on February 14. Macao ID and the latest high school transcript as well as contact telephone should be provided. Late application or application with insufficient documents will not be dealt with. Enquiries can be sent to the target institutions.

IFTM enquiry: / Tel: 8598 3087

Macao students studying in Taiwan Region who are currently in Macao can utilise IFTM’s online learning resources

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Taiwan region has temporarily suspended the entry of Hong Kong and Macao people. Thus, some Macao students studying in universities there were unable to return in time to resume classes. The Macao Institute for Tourism Studies is in line with the Higher Education Bureau’s measure to provide 2 options to help the affected students continue with their studies.

  1. Transfer option

    IFTM’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are open for transfer application. Interested students can check our official webpage for the curriculum first. Any enquiry can be sent to or call 8598 3087.

  2. Free online learning option

    Those who are interested can register here and our staff will contact the registrants directly later. Any enquiry can be sent to or call 8598 3159.

    Registration link:

Latest Updates and Enquiry

During the anti-epidemics period, IFTM will provide timely information to staff and students. We also hope that all IFTM members could cope with our arrangement, stay tuned for our updates on our official website and emails.

Type Department Email address Contact number
Campus Anti-epidemic affairs Campus Management Division 8598 3150  
Security Counters
(24 hours)
    8598 1111 (Mong-Ha Campus)
8598 2222 (Forward Building)
8598 4000 (East Asia Hall)

Anti-epidemic and prevention work is everyone’s responsibility.
Thus, we appreciate cooperation from all staff and students to follow and
cope with our arrangement. Please have good self-protection,
refrain from going out and avoid crowd aggregation in order to
minimize the risk of the spread of the infectious disease.

Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation. Wish you good health!

Updated: 17.04.2020