Assistant Professors of Tourism College (Ref. No. 001-006/AC/2019)

Applied candidates of the recruitments below can log in Academic Recruitment Management System here or quick links below for the name list announcements and final results (after log in, choose ‘History’ and respective recruitment reference no.).


Assistant Professor in Culinary (1 vacancy)  - Ref. No. 001/AC/2019

Final result name list announced here on 18/04/2019

Assistant Professor in Hotel Management (3 vacancies)  - Ref. No. 002/AC/2019

Final result name list announced hereon 22/05/2019

Assistant Professor in Management (1 vacancy)  - Ref. No. 003/AC/2019

Final result name listannounced hereon 15/05/2019

Assistant Professor in Management and Marketing (1 vacancy)  - Ref. No. 004/AC/2019

Final result name list announced here on 30/05/2019

Assistant Professor in Marketing (1 vacancy)  - Ref. No. 005/AC/2019

Final result name list announced here on 16/05/2019

Assistant Professor in Retail Management (2 vacancies)  - Ref. No. 006/AC/2019

Final result name list announced here on 26/04/2019