IFTM Heritage Management Alumni Online Career Talk Series When Heritage Meets Cultural Institution and Education

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IFTM Heritage Management Alumni Online Career Talk Series
When Heritage Meets Cultural Institution and Education

• Saturday, 12 September 2020, 3pm-5pm
• Online event ZOOM
• The event is open and free to all
• Registration: 

The talk series will be also organised on

•  When Heritage Meets Film and Cultural Space 
 6pm-8pm, Saturday, 19 September 2020

•  When Heritage Meets Creative Arts
    3pm-5pm, Saturday, 26 September 2020

•  When Heritage Meets Underwater Archaeology
    6pm-7pm, Saturday, 3 October 2020

About the Talk Series

The online career talk series is an initiative taken by the IFTM alumni that aims to help the current students and recent graduates of the heritage management programme to get to know the possible career paths and the required skill sets in different heritage related fields. 

A total of nine alumni will share their personal experience with the illustrated presentation. They represent diverse professional background ranging from cultural heritage management, museum, academia, film, creative writing to underwater archaeology, in either private or public sectors, based in Macao, mainland China, India, Canada, and UK.

About the Speaker

Oscar, Lei Chon Fei

Graduate of 2012
Technician, Division of Cultural Promotion
Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao, China

Oscar, LEI Chon Fei is the marketing coordinator at the Division of Cultural Promotion at the Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM). He mainly assists the division in implementing the marketing strategy in varies cultural activities that aim to promote the cultural heritage in Macao. Some of the key projects he works on include the “Fun Sharing Cultural Heritage” Lectures project, China Cultural and Natural Heritage Day, and Macao Cultural Heritage training programme “Little Little Docent”.

Inaciso, Chan Pang Chi

Graduate of 2009
Technician, Division of Cultural Heritage Protection
Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao, China

Inaciso, Chan Pang Chi has stayed in Hong Kong for four years for further studies and worked in the field of architectural conservation before committing the challenge in the Division of Cultural Heritage Protection at the Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM). As a frontline governmental representative, he coordinates the work among architects, construction workers, contractors, property owners and the general public to maintain the authenticity and integrity of cultural heritage.

Gabriel, U Chi Wai

Graduate of 2010
Technician, Division of Macao Museum
Cultural Affairs Bureau, Macao, China

Gabriel, U Chi Wai obtained his master degree in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2015, he joined the Macao Museum under the Cultural Affairs Bureau and works on the collection management and exhibition in the museum.

Vicky, CHEN Zhao Yu

Graduate of 2012
Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao, China

Dr Vicky Chen is a full-time lecturer at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) and had her practical experience in both UNESCO Bangkok and UNESCO Beijing. She dedicates herself in academia along the career path and has a strong research interest in heritage, conservation and cultural tourism.

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