(The following arrangement is applied to daytime programmes' graduates only)

Graduation documents can be collected starting from July 31.
Graduates ONLY collect documents from Technical and Academic Support Division should they have no outstanding items with IFT.

Graduates who could not come personally to collect any document could have the following arrangement: (Sample of authorisation letter)

  1. True copy of graduate's authorisation letter stating the nominee's full name as shown in ID card/passport and his/her ID/passport number as well as the items to be collected; the nominee should bring the original authorisation letter with graduate's signature identical to that shown in ID card/passport,
  2. Nominee's ID card/passport copy; and
  3. Graduate's ID card/passport copy.

Collection from Technical and Academic Support Division

  1. Graduation certificate
  2. Graduation honour certificate (for bachelor graduates only)
  3. Transcript
  4. IFT Alumni Card

Bachelor Degree and Diploma graduates

Venue: Technical and Academic Support Division at Mong-Há Campus
Hours: Monday to Friday 0900 - 1300 & 1430 - 1900 (except public holidays)