Urban Heritage and Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities


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The AAHM2009 takes place back-to-back with the3rd International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing, also to be hosted by IFT.
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The Conference

The gardens in Suzhou, the temples of Kyoto, the mystical streets of Varanasi or the cobbled walkways of Macao are examples of historic urban areas that have long captivated and charmed travellers. Although the benefits, impacts, implications and consequences of tourism on cultural heritage have been much discussed, there are both persistent and emerging gaps in our knowledge of particular issues involved in achieving meaningful and sustainable approaches to heritage tourism in historic urban areas.


Hosted in Macao, a World Heritage city currently experiencing intense urban development, this conference will explore these challenges as well as opportunities for tourism in historic urban areas. The conference will examine the relationship between the conservation and management of urban heritage and the development of cultural tourism. To better understand this relationship, we welcome contributions that:

  • Analyze how conservation and tourism management relate to community development,

  • Suggest how to revise the existing frameworks, theories and methodologies related to conserving and managing urban heritage, and

  • Offer methods to develop new perspectives and approaches related to cultural tourism.

We encourage submission of papers that analyze best practice examples and case studies associated with one of the conference themes from historic urban areas - including, but not limited to, UNESCO World Heritage Cities in Asia and beyond.

Conference Proceedings

All accepted papers are eligible for publication in the conference proceedings. However, only papers whose author (or, in case of co-authored papers, at least one of the authors) registers by 31 September 2009 will be included in the final publication. (See Submission page for more on submission requirements).

Journal Publication

The Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research (APJTR), published by Routledge, will publish a Special Issue with selected conference papers. If you are interested in having your paper considered for inclusion in the Special Issue, please indicate your interest within an e-mail and submit the full paper to aahm2009@ift.edu.moby no later than 31 July 2009. (SeeRegistrationpage for the registration details).

Scholarship (updated)

Scholarships in the form of registration fee waiver is now available for postgraduate students. Details on this are available here.


Published on 12 February 2009

Last updated on 2 July 2009