IFTM Heritage Management Alumni Online Career Talk Series - When Heritage Meets Film and Cultural Space

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IFTM Heritage Management Alumni Online Career Talk Series 
When Heritage Meets Film and Cultural Space

• 6pm-8pm, Saturday, 19 September 2020
• Online event ZOOM
• Language: English
• The event is open and free to all
• Registration: 

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About the Talk Series

The online career talk series is an initiative taken by the IFTM alumni that aims to help the current students and recent graduates of the heritage management programme to get to know the possible career paths and the required skill sets in different heritage related fields. 

A total of nine alumni will share their personal experience with the illustrated presentation. They represent diverse professional background ranging from cultural heritage management, museum, academia, film, creative writing to underwater archaeology, in either private or public sectors, based in Macao, mainland China, India, Canada, and UK.

About the Speaker

Orson, WONG Chi Wai
Graduate of 2010
Project Officer
Muwu Studio, Beijing, China

Orson’s career path is an interesting journey across varies sectors, including public sector, tourism, heritage and film related business. He participated in student exchange programme to Japan and had his internship at a property managed by National Trust during his student life in IFTM. These experiences opened his perspectives and induced his desire to explore new possibilities. He has been in the film industry for the past 5 years. His background in both heritage and tourism has been a solid foundation in extending business communications with partners from all over the world.

Fannie, LIN Fengwen
Graduate of 2013
Cultural Professional
JD Centre of Art, Bhubaneswar, India &
Siddhartha Das Studio, New Delhi, India

Fannie, LIN Fengwen is a cultural professional based in India working in the museum and culture sector. She had a diverse project experience of Indian cultural heritage in museums, thematic exhibitions, film festivals and cultural policy, in both private and public sector. She is currently working with JD Centre of Art, Bhubaneswar and Siddhartha Das Studio, New Delhi. Driven by her passion towards cross-cultural study, she recently dedicated herself to create an online platform on Chinese and Indian cultural exchange.

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