Inauguration Ceremony of 4th IFT Alumni Association was successfully held on 29 Sep

The Inauguration Ceremony of 4th Institute for Tourism Studies Alumni Association (IFTA) was successfully held on 29th September at the IFT Grand Hall, followed by 2017 IFT Alumni Annual Dinner.

During the inauguration ceremony, President of the 4th IFTA Mr. Armando Amante expressed his sincere appreciation to the 3rd IFTA and promised to hold more diversified events for IFT alumni. After that, with the presence and witness of the guests, lecturers and students, the committee members of the 4th IFTA gave their pledge to serve the alumni and the Institute.

Dr. Fanny Vong expressed that IFTA is the bridge between alumni and IFT. It is hoped that IFTA will gather excellent alumni to contribute back to the society and had high hopes to the incoming IFT Alumni Association.

IFTA has been established for 14 years. The association aims at foster the relationship between alumni and the society; act as the bridge between IFT and alumni and support the development of IFT and the tourism industry in Macao.