Experience Activity – Visit to Poverty School in Qingyuan City

IFT Alumni Association successfully held an experiencing activity Charity Visit to Poverty School in Qingyuan City, from 1 November to 2 November.  This activity aims to bring warmth to children studying and living in difficulties.

During the two days, one group of alums visited a local elementary school which students mainly come from impoverished rural areas.  They organized many activities for children and also shared their learning experience with them, and encouraged them to continue their studies by giving them some small gifts. In addition, alums also visited different families in impoverished rural areas, they had interactions with the children and parents and gained further understanding on their living condition.

The principal of the elementary school expressed their gratitude to IFT and IFTA. With the positive feedback and appreciation from the alums, IFTA will continue to organize this kind of charity activity in the future.