IFT MasterCard

The IFT MasterCard is an affinity credit card jointly launched with BNU.

This affinity credit card is specially designed for the existing IFT staff, students and alumni who wish to support IFT. For the retails transactions settled by IFT MasterCard, a certain percentage will be transferred to a fund that provides scholarship to IFT students. Successful applicant of the IFT MasterCard will enjoy our long term Annual Fee waived offer and …

Redeem your bonus point in cash!
Whenever you use your IFT MasterCard you are entitled to bonus points that you can redeem in cash. You will earn 1 bonus points for each MOP1 you spend. For example, when you charge MOP100 to your IFT MasterCard, you can earn immediately 100 bonus points. By accumulating the bonus point to a certain level, the balance of the bonus points will be redeemed in cash and credited to your credit card account. Therefore, the more transactions you charge to your IFT MasterCard(*) the more you save.

(*) Cash Advance will not yield any bonus point.

The IFT MasterCard is a "PhotoCard". By showing picture of the cardholder, it helps the merchants to easily identify the card user and reduce chances of fraud in case your card was lost or stolen.

Installment Programme
Many stores which accept BNU Credit Card allow purchases to be paid by installments (from 6 to 12 months).

Interest-free Repayment Period-8 weeks
From your statement day, you have 26 days to make you repayment to your BNU Credit Card account. In other words, you can have an interest free period of up to 8 weeks from the day you make the purchase with BNU Credit Card.

Diversified Credit Card Payment Options
You may pay your Credit Card bills on your own, through Autopay, Internet Banking, ATM, Phone Banking, Mailed Cheque or BNU Branches network.

24 hours Customer Service Hotline
Should you have any doubt or problem, please feel free to call the BNU 24 hours Customers Service Hotline at (853) 2833 5533, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The friendly card centre service agents will provide you with all the information you may need related to your credit card and its benefits.

If you wish to support IFT and at the same time, enjoy the exclusive benefits, apply your IFT MasterCard!

-    The use of the IFT MasterCard is governed by the General Terms & Conditions of Card Use of BNU 
-    BNU reserves the right to make final decision in case of any disputes