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IFT 2019/20 Daytime Bachelor Degree Programmes open for online applications from 3 to 18 January

The Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao (IFT) starts receiving online applications for Daytime Bachelor Degree Programmes from 3 to 18 January.  Six English-taught degree programmes are open for applications, namely Culinary Arts Management, Heritage Management, Hotel Management, Tourism Business Management, Tourism Event Management, as well as Tourism Retail and Marketing Management.


IFT offers the most extensive range of tourism and hospitality related bachelor degree programmes in Macao, with an emphasis on the balance between theory and practice.  With English as instruction medium, practicum and internship are integrated in the first and third year of the programmes, allowing students to gain hands-on experience in related fields and equipping them with professional knowledge and technical competence in preparation for their future leadership responsibilities in the industry. The employment of IFT graduates, who are much welcome by employers of tourism and hospitality sectors, are quite satisfactory. Some of them have been promoted to the managerial positions, making remarkable contributions to the social and economic development.    


The Institute is dedicated to creating an internationalised learning environment through global recruitment of its teaching team which now comprises members from 18 countries and regions.  Besides, IFT’s students currently are from 25 countries and regions, allowing local students to study and get along with fellow students from around the world. In the 4-year study path, students are encouraged to broaden their international exposure through a wide range of activities including international exchange programmes and internship. With over 106 partner institutions and organisations in 32 countries and regions, IFT has established links with 588 leading international tourism and hospitality companies locally and globally providing students with abundant internship opportunities. IFT offers the Institute Scholarship to waive tuition fees of outstanding high school leavers who choose to pursue undergraduate study at IFT. There are also a number of scholarship opportunities provided by the industry partners to encourage students to participate in various kinds of overseas experience activities.  


IFT was the first institution to be accredited by the UNWTO.TedQual Certification System for tourism education, and now has 8 bachelor degree programmes with this certification. Currently, the Institute has the largest number of bachelor degree programmes certified under that system of any tertiary education establishment worldwide. The Institute is also highly ranked by QS World University Rankings in the subject area of Hospitality and Leisure Management. In 2017, it was the first institution to pass the International Quality Review (IQR) of the UK’s Quality Assurance Agency of Higher Education (QAA).


For those who are interested in the bachelor degree programmes, please visit IFT’s website or contact for enquiries.


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