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Lista de candidatos aceites aos cursos de curta duração

In case of typhoon or unforeseen circumstances, the release of Accepted List will be postponed to the next working day. 

Enrolment Period: 12-13 August 2020


Course CodeCourse NameCourse PeriodAccepted & Waiting ListTimeTable
BH003-2002Steps Aerobics2020/09/09 -2020/11/13ViewView
BH011-2003IPTFA International Certificate in Bronze - Professional Personal Fitness Trainer Course (Chinese)2020/09/07 -2020/11/16ViewView
BS004-2003Introduction to Wealth Management2020/08/25 -2020/09/25ViewView
DA146-2001PIVERDIE France - Practical Entrepreneurship for Florist Business2020/10/04 -2020/12/13ViewView
E055-2003English for Administrative Officers2020/09/08 -2020/10/20ViewView
RC006-2002Retail Marketing Plan2020/09/08 -2020/10/13ViewView
X032-2003Book-keeping 22020/08/24 -2020/10/29ViewView