Waste Paper Recycling

Not all papers can be recycled. Depending on the specific requirements of certain paper mills, the following are the usual DOs and DON'Ts :

Do recycle

Don't recycle

  • Newspaper
  •  Weekly magazines
  • Magazines/books with stapled/sewed binding (any coated glossy cover should be removed)
  • All stationery paper (including coloured paper, computer printouts, cards, etc)
  • Envelopes and folders (including stamps but remove adhesive flap or plastic window)
  • Leaflets from junk mails
  • Magazines/books using glue for binding
  • Paper cups, paper plates, wax paper
  • Napkins, tissue, paper towel
  • Self- adhesive stickers or those with glue or tape
  • Paper or cardboard that is contaminated with paint,chemicals, food, etc.
  • Foil gift wraps



The above green tips are brought to you by IFT Green Team
Data Source: Hong Kong Waste Reduction Website (www.wastereduction.gov.hk)