Stress is a psychological and biological term, meaning that when a human or an animal is facing either tangible or intangible threat emotionally or physically,  oneself cannot respond properly to the feelings of the state.

Proper pressure can improve one’s alertness makes us think more carefully and being more cautious, for a better performance. Excessive pressure will make people feels troubled, depressed and discouraged. It will also lead to an increase in adrenaline, makes us lose self-control, affect our health.


Methods to deal with stress:

1. To reduce unnecessary sources of stress, we must first understand the source of their stress, is it regular or temporary and then make adjustments accordingly.

2. Reduce noise environment, it will also assist in reducing the pressure..

3. In addition, a balanced diet is also very important for coping with stress. Balanced diet, that is to eat the right amount of protein, starch, fats, minerals, vitamins and water; it is suggested to avoid eating the food,which can cause pressure, such as: tea, coffee, cola, chocolate and food which contains caffeine.

4. To reduce the consumption of fat food and intake more fibrous food, fruits and vegetables, and drink less alcohol drinks.

5. We should pay attention and control body weight. One can take more vitamin B and C when feeling much pressure.

If necessary, please go to consult a psychological counselor or physician for assistance.