Safety Use of Gas Stoves

Concerning the gas stove incident in Macau, one resident was injured on suspicion of improper installation. In order to enhance the safety awareness by using gas stoves, and to avoid the accidents caused by lack of understanding or negligence, we would like to share the tips as below:

Use of cooking Appliances:

  • Maintain adequate air ventilation when using cooking Appliances, but care should be taken to keep the flame out of direct wind
  • Turn off the cooking appliances when not using it for long time
  • Use of genuine parts supplied by the original gas appliance manufacturers
  • Follow the instructions given in the user manuals provided by the manufacturers of the cooking appliances and use cooking ware of a suitable diameter
  • If frying pan is used, place it over and close to the centre of the burner

Maintenance of gas cooking Appliances:

  • Arrange for a Registered Gas Contractor to conduct safety checks on all gas installations regularly
  • Clean the grease on the burner and the trivet regularly so as to keep the burner holes unblocked, and in case something boils over, clean the burner as soon as possible
  • Take out the burner cap regularly, clean it with water or mild detergent. Gas user may use sharp object to clean burner holes to avoid any blockage
  • Check whether the flexible gas tubing is damaged, ageing (please check the service life expiry date on the tubing) or the gas tubing connection joint has come loose. If any problem is found, arrange for a Registered Gas Contractor to replace or repair the tubing at once

In case of gas leak accident:

  • Calm Down, move to the area of good ventilation
  • Do not use the phone and touch any electrical switches
  • Extinguish all naked flames
  • Stop the gas flow immediately by turning off the emergency control valve upstream of the gas meter (the main switch of the gas meter) if possible; for LPG cylinders, you should disconnect the regulator of the LPG cylinder to cut off the gas supply
  • Leave the premises at once and notify your neighbours by knocking on their doors for immediate evacuation when the gas leak is serious or when the situation is uncertain; leave the building by the stairs, to notify the Fire Department, and call your gas supply company for sending their emergency personnel to the scene to deal with the gas leak
  • Let your gas supply company check all your gas installations including gas appliances, LPG cylinders, etc. for safety before you use gas again

In case of incidents, please inform fire department as soon as possible: 28572222, 119, 120.

Sources: Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, HK