Objectives and Benefits of MORS


The main objective of this programme is to upgrade human resources in the Macao tourism industry through the introduction of a certification scheme for a number of professions, so in the future, Macao can become more competitive. IFTM together with the Industry identify and set work performance standards that are regarded as locally accepted minimum standards of entry into certain occupations in the entire industry. This will ensure a consistent delivery of quality service standards.

Benefits of the programme

- For the government:

  • The government and industry will be able to collect data regarding the number of staff qualified within the sector, and make decisions on training needs for the hospitality and tourism industry.

- For private institutions:

  • Multinational companies are able to adjust their existing training programs to local Macao conditions.
  • As MORS develops, the use of the MORS logo will come to symbolize an establishment where quality standards can be assured. Therefore hospitality and tourism organizations should begin to experience a competitive advantage by using the MORS programme.
  • It clearly sets out a clear path for progress, and to monitor work performance. The system allows those registered to motivate themselves by the competent performance of each task. A more motivated workforce will in turn raise the productivity and professionalism of the organization.
  • When recruiting new staff, the organization will find it easier to equate the knowledge and skills of those with MORS certification, with the vacant post; it could also be used as a guideline to set remuneration schemes.

- For Industry workers:

  • Workers can have a plan to develop the right set of skills and knowledge that guarantees success in the workplace.
  • They can develop a sense of pride working in the tourism industry as they can now be recognized for their professionalism.
  • Competent staff will be identified with a pin which together with the certificate facilitate their mobility within the sector.

- For Local citizens and tourists:

  • Citizens and tourists can easily identify quality service providers.

- For Society:

  • With improved services, Macao will become more competent and hopefully attract more return tourists.