Key-players in the system are:

1.The Awarding Body
 IFTM is the only awarding body within the system. It is the designated institution that awards qualifications in the form of a certificate to Approved Assessors for Technical Skills, Approved Trainers for Technical Skills and competent Entry Level staff. IFTM also appoints Training Centres and is responsible for the quality assurance of the programme.
2.Industry partners
 Every private and public tourism and hospitality related institution assisting in achieving MORS objectives
3.Assessment Centres
 An Assessment Center is a designated institution that develops and conducts courses and workshops for assessors and trainers and conducts assessments of assessors, trainers and entry-level staff in all occupations. IFTM is at the moment the only Assessment Centre.
4.Approved Assessors for Technical Skills Assessment
 An Assessor for Technical Skills is the designated person to assess the required competency of persons at Entry-Level. There are two types of assessors: IFTM assessor and industry assessor. When conducting an Entry-Level Technical Skill Assessment, 1 IFTM assessor and 1 Industry Assessor for Technical Skills must be present.

To become an industry assessor for Technical Skills, the following conditions will apply:

1.Hold a certificate of competence
2.Hold a certificate of Approved Trainer
3.Attend one Entry-Level assessment as an observer as well as conducting one assessment as co-assessor.

Other criteria exist to maintain Assessor accreditation, which will be explained by the Awarding Body to those registering on the Assessor programme.

5.Training Centres
 A Training Centre is a designated institution that offers training possibilities to people registered in MORS. Two types of training centres have been identified. Industry partners who provide training possibilities to their own staff, and IFTM.

To qualify as a MORS Training Centre, the organisation must be able to conduct training in 75% of the tasks and sub-tasks listed in the training manuals. In addition, the Training Centre must employ a minimum of one Approved Trainer to qualify or remain as a Training Centre.

The Awarding Body will conduct a site visit to establish if the applicant is able to conduct the necessary training in an Occupational Skill of the MORS programme.

A Certificate and a sticker will be issued to the company once it has been appointed as Training Centre.

 Please click here to see the list of Approved Training Centres
6.Approved Trainers for Technical Skills Training
 A trainer is the designated person to train people legally allowed to work in Macao in the MORS occupations. Two types of trainers were defined: IFTM trainers who are allowed to conduct training in IFTM and industry trainers, who conduct training in the Partner Training Centres.

To become an Approved Trainer, the following conditions will apply:

1.Hold a certificate of competence
2.Pass training skills assessment
3.Three years of relevant working experience including one year at the supervisory level or above or one year of working experience with a higher diploma in hospitality management.

Other criteria exist to maintain Trainer accreditation, which will be explained by the Awarding Body to those registering on the Trainer programme.

A silver pin and an Approved Trainer certificate will be awarded to the candidate once s/he passes the training skills assessment.

7.Entry-level trainees/professionals
 Those who are registered are a MORS trainee.

If you have taken necessary training at the Macao Institute of Tourism Studies, at the Tourism and Casino Career Centre or at any other Training Center appointed by IFTM, you can apply for an assessment.

A bronze pin and a certificate of competence will be awarded to the trainee once s/he passes the technical skills examination to prove his/her competence in the profession.