MORS (Macao Occupational Skills Recognition System) is a joint effort of the Tourism Industry of Macao and IFTM with the main objective to upgrade human resources in the Macao tourism industry through the introduction of a certification scheme for a number of professions. It was launched in 2001 with the support of the European Union. At this moment, skills standards are introduced for the following occupations :

1. Assistant Cook (Western Kitchen)
2. Bartender
3. Concierge and Bell Attendant
4. Cook in Chinese Cuisine (Elementary)
    Cook in Chinese Cuisine (Intermediate)
5. Cook in Chinese Dim Sum (Elementary)
    Cook in Chinese Dim Sum (Intermediate)
6. Customer Relations Officer
7. Front Desk Agent
8. Retail Sales Officer
9. Room Attendant
10. Security Officer for Tourism and Gaming Industry
11. Travel Consultant
12. Waiter / Waitress (Chinese Restaurant Service)
13. Waiter/Waitress (Western Restaurant Service)
14. Floral Designer
15. Western Pastry and Bakery Chef

The system is a way to demonstrate and assess occupational proficiency supplemented by training programmes to enable interested people to reach the required level for certification.

A job is broken down into parts, or tasks and subtasks. The competent performance of those tasks is specified by performance criteria, knowledge and understanding.  MORS assessors, who will be usually the closest person to the trainee – a line-manager, trainer or mentor, will carry out this assessment together with a designated counterpart for IFT.