Monday syndrome

Monday syndrome refers to fatigue, dizziness, chest tightness, abdominal distension, loss of appetite, body ache, inattention and other symptoms when working on Monday. People focus on work and study from Monday to Friday that forms a "dynamic stereotype". After weekend resting and taking care of all the personal affairs aside from work which will use up much of your energy, people tend to feel hard to adapt when people return to work and studies on Monday, this is so-called “ Monday syndrome”. In order to sooth Monday Syndrome,  please refer to the following tips.


The prevention methods:

1. Arrange your work or projects properly and create a job schedule. Implement the schedule strictly and don't leave Friday’s work to next Monday.

2. Tell yourself what do you want? Don't worry about others expectation, learn how to self-adjust psychological pressure. Take a sunbath, it can stimulate your body to secrete hormones and can sooth the negative impact of depression.

3. To exercise  is a good way, you will concentrate on your body and feeling, that can help to put all your trouble aside temporarily.

4. Communicates with your friends and colleagues constantly to enhance work efficiency and improve work attitude.

5. Go for a walk and spend Sunday in a refreshing and quiet environment.

6. Take a good hot bath on Sunday evening, listen to some soft music while sleeping.

7. List some good examples which will make yourself look forward to Monday.

8. Always guaranteed going to bed before 11pm on Sunday, with the relaxing aromatherapy as auxiliary, lavender will be a good choice.

9. Go back to your company or school a bit earlier and arrange a week of work ahead of time.

10. Choose your food with less cholesterol which can help to reduce the burden of body metabolism.

11. Don’t try to resist Monday syndrome by drinking a lot of coffee and taurine drinks because it can only make the symptoms even worse.

12. A perfect makeup and fresh clothing can help you to cheer up in five minutes, meanwhile, using a  powerful mouthwash has the same effect too.