The 8 MUST HAVE items for moisturizing your skin in Winter

Winter makes your skin and hair dry,   with chapped lips as well. Water is the key to keep your skin moisturize and   refresh.  Consider it the same as drinking water when you are thirsty.   The following 8 items can keep your dryness away.


1. Moisturizing Facial Mask

If your face is especially prone to   dryness, apply a moisturizing facial mask one or two times per week. As an   alternative to ready-made facial masks, make your own with products from your   refrigerator. Yogurt, bananas, honey and avocado all have moisturizing   effects.

2. Deep Conditioner

Your skin dries out in winter, so does   your hair. Condition every time you wash your hair and also apply a   deep-conditioning treatment weekly. Leave the conditioner for five to 20 minutes   before rinsing.

3. Lip Balm

Not only feeling dry, chapped lips are   uncomfortable, in some cases painful and they are not very attractive at all.   Carry a moisture-rich lip balm with you at all times and apply it whenever   you feel dryness.

4. Cuticle Oil

Like most parts of your body, your nails   and the skin around your fingers dry out in the winter too. This causes   painful tearing and peeling. Skip the sore fingers this year by investing in   cuticle oil. Alternatively, massage a drop of olive oil onto each nail and   the surrounding area and rinse after five minutes.

5. Facial Moisturizer

Not all moisturizers are good fit for   all people, and some just does not go well on your face. Since the facial   skin is much more sensitive and far more prone to acne or drying than skin in   other areas, use a moisturizer which works well for your face. Apply a thin   layer at least once daily.

6. Foot Soak and Cream

Don’t neglect your feet care just   because it is Winter and has less opportunity to show off. Avoid flaky, rough   and cracking skin with the help of a moisturizing foot soak. Follow up with a   heavy-duty foot cream to keep your feet moisturize.

7. Body Moisturizer

Body moisturizer is a must during   winter. Choose a lotion that absorbs easily into the skin and doesn't leave a   sticky residue. Moisturize after every shower and at least once daily.

8. Exfoliant

In addition to moisturizing often, don't forget to exfoliate too. Exfoliating removes built-up dead skin and keeps skin soft and smooth. Pay special attention to ankles, elbows and knees. For a quick DIY exfoliant, add sugar to your body wash and lather with a loofah.