Mid-Autumn Festival diet tips

In this traditional Chinese festival, we will inevitably eat moon cakes and play lantern! However, if you have high blood sugar (especially diabetes mellitus), please be aware of it!

Diabetes is due to either the pancreas not producing enough insulin, or the cells of the body are not responding properly to the insulin produced. This leads to a series of clinical syndromes and genetics has a very close association. The main clinical manifestations of diabetes as polydipsia, polyuria, polyphagia and weight loss ("3 over & a little loss"), as well as high blood sugar, urine contains glucose (normal urine should not contain glucose) and so on.

Diabetes is basically not recommended to eat moon cake, if you eat a quarter of a moon cake you need to exercise in order to stabilize your blood sugar! Even for those listed as sugar-free moon cake which is just a concept of speculation, the sucrose is simply replaced by maltose, this type of moon cake will also be harmful for some diabetes patients too!



1. Establish a correct diet to minimize the occurrence of diabetes

2. Increase physical activity, do sports regularly

3. Establish a healthy lifestyle

4. Early examination, early diagnosis and treatment

5. Maintain an optimistic attitude, follow the doctor's guidance.