How to eat chicken in the stage of avian influenza

During the outbreak of avian influenza, eating chicken becomes a difficult problem for many people. According to the report, there is no case of being infected avian influenza after eating poultry or eggs thus far, hence, we also can eat safety and healthy if we handle properly.

1. Stay away from poultry.

It is suggested to buy quarantine poultry meat at supermarket and the eggs which have carried out surface disinfection. H7N9 avian influenza associates with live poultry, market which sell live poultry is a high infection place of H7N9, but for those chicken   which have quarantine and dismembered are much less risk.

2. Wear gloves when picking eggs.

Don’t touch directly with eggs when choosing them. You can put on a plastic bag before picking them and don’t forget to wash hands afterwards, whether or not the eggshell are stick with feces or feathers.

3. Do not consume undercooked poultry meat.

Avian influenza is generally sensitive to heat, 70 degrees heat for 30 minutes or more than 100 degrees heat for 2 minutes can kill the virus, H7N9 virus can’t survive long after it is slaughtered, so we will not be infected with the virus after eating slaughtered poultry or frozen chicken with adequate heating. When cooking poultry or eggs, make sure they are fully cooked and it will be more secure when eating.

4. Wear a mask and seek medical advice promptly if developing fever or respiratory symptoms and inform the doctor of your travel history or contact history of live birds or poultry.