Heat stroke is a common emergency situation in summer, when the temperature is above 37. C, the body’s radiating mainly get through sweat evaporation, when the surrounding environment is higher than normal body temperature with poor ventilation and high humidity is very prone to heat stroke.

According to the severity of heat stroke, it can be divided as aura, mild and severe heat stroke. When standing or working in a high temperature environment after a long time, a person will get symptoms like slight dizziness, headache, tinnitus, vertigo, thirst, weakness and unsteady gait, its’ better to take note of having heatstroke, other symptoms such as fever, flushing, chest tightness,  dry heat skin, pale, nausea, vomiting, sweating, people might suddenly collapsed or sweat after convulsions, irritability in some worse situation, etc.


The prevention methods:

1. Adequate sleep,  reasonable rest time arrangement to ensure plenty of body strength in order to prevent heatstroke.

2. Proper diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits, the amount of animal protein and fat supplement.

3. Take good sun protection measures, avoid direct sunlight when having outdoor activities, wear a good hat and loose clothing in order to avoid your skin directly absorbs radiant heat.

4. Drink 3-6 liters a day, salt drink would be nice, however, avoid drinking lots of water before and after dinner or intense exercise.

5. Avoid prolonged outdoor physical activity underhigh temperature.


Emergency treatment

1. Move the patient to a cooler place, loosen or take off his clothes and let him lie on comfortably, with something to elevate the head and shoulders.

2. A cold  wet towel to cover his head, use water bag or ice packs would be even better. Alcohol impregnated sponge or towel soaked in cold water to clean his body in order to reduce his body temperature together with the use of a fan.

3. After regaining consciousness, drink some salt water.


PS: if the patient does not sweat, appear unconsciousness and turning pale under high temperature environment with a body temperature above 41 degrees, just call "999" immediately.