Fire Prevention Tips at Home

The steps of using fire's hose
1. Break glass of the fire alarm.   

2. Open the water tap (Anti Clockwise).   

3. Break glass of the hose’s nozzle.   
4.Running out the hose.    
5. Turn on the spray nozzle ,then direct spray at the base of fire.   


Safety use of extension socket
1. Please use extension socket that fits International Safely Standard.
2. Each Extension socket can only attached with one power socket and no adaptor should be attached with Extension socket.
3. Extension socket cannot be placed near wet area, eg. Kitchen or Bathroom .
4. Do not use extension socket when electrical appliances are high power consumption.
5. Leave enough space for sockets to cool down, for example, do not leave it underneath the Sofa .
6. If extension socket are found with breakage or loose parts, do not use it.
7. Do not allow the wire of the extension socket hanging on the wall, this might create damage and cause fire .

  Use the extension socket incorrectly .

Data by :Electrical and Mechanical Services Department