IFT Environmental Policy

Institute for Tourism Studies (IFT) is a public institution offering degree and professional programmes in a wide range of tourism-related disciplines. Operating in an environmentally responsible manner has always been our goal. To this end, IFT (including two training units – Educational Hotel Pousada de Mong-Ha and Educational Restaurant) is committed to providing a green environment for teaching, learning and scholastic activities, for students, staff, guests and all stakeholders.

We are committed to protecting the environment of the Earth. To minimize environmental impacts concerning our activities, and to continually improve the environmental performance of our campus, we aim to:

  1. Fulfil compliance obligations relevant to environmental management;
  2. Raise environmental awareness and culture among students, staff and guests in protecting the environment and preventing pollution;
  3. Establish environmental objectives, action plans and measures as the basis for continual improvement;
  4. Reduce waste at the source in the efficient use of energy, water, materials and other resources, and maximize recycling opportunities;
  5. Encourage environmental protection among suppliers and subcontractors;
  6. Adopt 5R (Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle and Rethink).

 This Policy will also be communicated to all students, staff, guests, and be available to the public.


Endorsed by

Florence Ian
Vice President
Date : 01-03-2018