Visiting Ecological Zone at Cotai Strip (18.03.2012)

53 IFT students, staff and their families visited the Ecological Zone of Cotai Strip on 18 March, to feel and experience the beauty of nature.

IFT has always been emphasising on the health care of students and staff, also the environmental protection of Macao. After the “Green and Healthy Week” which was held at the end of February, IFT once again encouraged students and staff to get close to the nature.  The Ecological Zone of Macao is located next to the Cotai landfill area and 4 artificial islands are built inside the zone, where you can find four species of mangrove. Many permanent and migratory birds have chosen this zone as a place of rest or foraging as a result of the wealth of biological diversity and food available there. There are 72 species of plants, 20 species of fish, 11 species of molluscs, 25 species of insects and 13 species of crustaceans. There are a total of 129 species of migratory birds, including some rare species like Platalea Minor. During this visit, participants might gain some valuable experience and know more about the living habits of one of the migratory birds, name as Platalea Minor, which usually stay in Macao in March. This activity also gave a chance for students and staff who are fond of photography to shoot the exquisite scenery, to exchange their knowledge in this area and enhance their friendship with each other.

This activity not only letting students and staff discover the beauty and tranquility of Macao, but also to step out of the classrooms and offices, feeling and enjoying the lovely nature and thus inspiring them for importance of protecting our nature.  IFT puts in large effort to promote healthy life style and reinforce students and staffs’ consciousness for environmental protection.  IFT hopes to gather this green forces from them, spread this green message to their family and the society, and at the mean time, it also hopes that people can practice this with real action and thus using different ways to show their support for environmental protection and to stay healthy.

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