Does climbing the Stairs a good exercise

From calorie reduction point of view

Stair climbing is a vertical movement and during the movement the muscle of both legs, for example, the quadriceps will exercise more and increase the heart rate more obviously. Compare with walking on a flat surface at the same speed, the calories consumption is 4 times more. Research also shows that 10 minutes of stair climbing will burn up to 200 Kcal!


What kind of direction of stairs climbing can burn more calories?

When going up the stairs is about three times more than going down the stairs, also the knee quadriceps will withstand strong centrifugal force, it is more likely to cause muscle strain and will also impact on knee cartilage. It is recommended that people can climb up the stairs to the office but climb less when going down the stairs.

Therefore,  climbing up and down stairs for 10 minutes at a steady speed, not only conducive to the maintenance of body weight, but it can also accelerate the coronary circulation and reduce cardiovascular-related diseases too. In addition, the climbing of stairs need to swing arm and hold the handrail, hence, it will train the upper extremity's activity and muscle strength as well.


Is everyone suitable for stairs activities?

For some special groups of people, such as over obesity people and knee osteoarthritis patients, climbing stairs will lead to an increased pressure between the knee joint and the patella then indirectly accelerated articular cartilage degradation.

The same situation also occurs in pregnant women, due to its own weight plus the weight of the baby, the impact on the knees are same as obese patients. Besides, since the center of gravity is not stable, there is a risk of falling. Therefore, they are not suitable for stepping movement.

Since the climbing of stairs will cause an increase in cardiac oxygen consumption, the patients with severe coronary artery disease will have the opportunity to lead to fatal arrhythmias. It is recommended to consult a cardiac doctor and carry out a physician assessment before doing such activity.


What to do before climbing stairs?

Enough stretching and warm-up exercise must be done and wear a shock-absorption sports shoes to avoid any muscle sprain. It is important to keep a  safe and adequate space when doing the exercise.   Make sure the stairs are bright with slippery proof materials, dry floors and well-ventilated, etc. When the activity begins, it is recommended  to start from causal walking speed or even slower, avoid unsteadiness while climbing the stairs.

If having any chest tightness, dizziness or poor glycemic control situation before the exercise, please don’t proceed. In short, stair climbing is a recommended sport, you can keep a good figure and stay healthy if keep exercising for a long run!