1.0 The aims of the Internship

1.1To allow students an opportunity to consolidate their theoretical foundation through practical experience.  A major component of this experience is the formation of a professional attitude.
1.2To allow students to develop their personality and capacity to adapt to, and handle, challenging situations.  The students are expected to enhance the following skills during the period of internship:
- communications skills
- interpersonal skills
- technical skills
- teamwork skills; and
- problem-solving skills
2.0 Eligibility
Students who have completed or are taking Diploma in Western Culinary Skills or Diploma in Pastry and Bakery should commence the internship after at least one practical module has been completed.
3.0 Internship duration/timing
3.1Students are required to undertake an internship of 384 hours. Students who are working in the related field can request for exemption.
3.2Students can take the internship during the school year or after completion of the programme.  However, the total study time should not exceed three years.
3.3  Students can select their choice of internship schedule based on individual circumstances.   However, most internship providers would require a minimum of 12 to 16 hours of internship per week and a minimum of 4 hours per shift.
3.4Students can change their internship placement for once only.  (Refer to 5.3 of Rules and Regulations)
 Students must have completed an internship period of 384 hours and submitted all the relevant documents to graduate from the program.  The graduation ceremony is normally held in November.  Students are expected to submit their Internship Logbook before the end of September each year.  Therefore, students are highly advised to plan their internship schedules ahead of time.
4.0 Application for internship
4.1Students will be provided with a list of potential internship providers, where they can approach for internship placement.  It is the primary responsibility of students to search for, contact, and negotiate with their potential internship provider(s) regarding the details of the internship arrangements.  The Institute for Tourism Studies, however, reserves the right for final approval or disapproval of such arrangements, on a case-by-case basis.
5.0 Qualifying internship placement
5.1Students can choose their internship provider(s), provided that the internship position(s) assumed should be similar to an employment which a student may obtain upon graduation from the programme.
5.2Students must prioritize obtaining internship placements at hotels, restaurants or pastry and bakery shops referred by the Institute for Tourism Studies.
5.3Change of Internship
It is the student’s responsibility to find a replacement prior to changing their internship placement.
Students who wish to change their internship placement during their internship are required to:
Request must be filed at least 3 weeks prior to the date on which the students wish to terminate his/her service.

IFT reserves the right to the final approval of the Change Request. Students are advised not to change their internship unless under certain circumstances.  The total hour of internship and placement location will be recorded in the student’s academic report.

6.0 Assessment
6.1A student passes the internship if and when s/he:
Satisfies the conditions stipulated in article 3 of this policy document.
Receives a passing evaluation from the internship provider based on the Final Internship Provider Evaluation Form.
Receives a passing evaluation from the internship committee during the internship site visit.
Submits the completed Internship Logbook to the Technical and Academic Support Division within 14 calendar days after the last day of the internship.