G1.0 Application Process

G1.1       Students should plan ahead and liaise directly with the Human Resources/Training departement of the desired internship provider(s) to decide on the details of the internship arrangements (See Policy 4.0 – Application for internship).

G1.2       Students should submit the Letter of Confirmation prepared by the internship provider(s), together with all relevant information about the internship arrangements such as the commencement of internship, the provisions of workplace uniform, food, accommodation, and transportation, etc to the Institute for final approval.  In case the internship provider does not issue a confirmation/ offer letter, students should take the responsibility to inform the Regent of Industry Assignments immediately through telephone, email or in person of the above mentioned information.  It is important for students to approach the Regent of Industry Assignments for internship agreement before taking the internship.

G1.3       Students should obtain the Internship Logbook (enclosed with Final Internship Provider Evaluation Form and postage-paid envelope) and Internship Agreement from The Technical and Academic Support Division before commencing the internship.



G2.0 Assessment and Evaluation

G2.1       During the internship period, the Institute may do site-visits, some of which may be unannounced, primarily to review the students’ performance.

G2.2       Every month, students should request their immediate manager / supervisor  (normally it is the Executive Chef or any Chef with higher positions) to fill out the Monthly Performance Appraisal in the Internship Logbook.  Students should make progress of themselves based on the comments made by their supervisors.

G2.3       Before the end of the internship placement, students should submit the Final Internship Provider Evaluation Form to the immediate manager/ supervisor who is to complete the form, sign it, enclose in a sealed envelope, post it to the Institute for Tourism Studies. (please indicate SCE – School of Continuing Education on the envelope)

G2.4       At the end of the internship period, students should submit the Internship Logbook to the Technical and Academic Support Division within 14 calendar days after the last day of the internship.

G2.5       Evaluation results will be shown in the academic report / transcript and will be marked as (P) Pass or (F) Fail. Students who fail the internship will not be awarded the Diploma.



G3.0 Deferral

G3.1       Students cannot change or cancel their internship placements without approval from the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies.



G4.0 Problems with the internship employer     

G4.1       Students should first try to directly resolve any problems arising with their internship provider.  When all reasonable attempts to solve the problems have failed, the students should contact the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies for advice and assistance.



G5.0  Absence from Internship


In case of personal illnesses or injuries during the assigned internship period, students should report to both Internship Provider and Regent of Industry Assignments immediately.  Student should also submit a doctor’s certificate upon returning to work.



G6.0 Retake Internship

G6.1       Should a student fail after completing the internship period of 384 hours, s/he should repeat the internship in order to graduate from the programme.

Under all circumstances, the total study time (including courses at IFTM and internship) should not exceed three years.