Bromhidrosis, also known as the body odor, principally cause by the sweat gland secretion of the parts (top pulp glands) and microorganisms emitted, it relates deeply with the armpit hair too. Bromhidrosis is more obvious during hot weather when leaving yellowish marks on light colored clothing, because of its special odour which makes it easily differentiated by ordinary sweat smell too. 

Person who has bromhidrosis normally suffer from hyperhidrosis or high blood pressure.  Mostly occurs in puberty and affects by emotions and hormones. According to the survey, parents who have bromhidrosis will have 80% probability in passing to the next generation, if only one parent has bromhidrosis, the genetic risk will be 50%. Due to puberty, the teenage himself emits odor will cause mental pressure disturbance, frustration and social barriers. 


1. Cleaning of the underarm area: reduce the propagation of bacteria and the odor will be naturally reduced.

2. Remove or shorten the armpit hair:  reduce the propagation of bacteria

3. Eat less spicy or irritating food such as pepper, garlic, onions, coffee and wine, these diet stimulates the secretion of sweat glands to increase.

4. Use of antiperspirant or deodorant: Deodorant can reduce odor, but the antiperspirant is more effective than deodorant, because it can directly reduce local sweat secretion, thereby blocking the smell; but both might not be so effective for those suffereing from severe bromhidrosis and requires repeated use.

5. Surgical removal of underarm sweat glands: If the above methods are unable to obtain satisfactory control of  bromhidrosis may consider surgery removal of the sweat glands.  This is the only way to cure, and can eradicate the pulp glands.