About us


The mission of RST is to create opportunities for IFT students and colleagues to expose to different kinds of sports, and enhance the motive of regular engagement in physical activities that lead to a healthier lifestyle and mental state of mind for studies or work.


1. Through sports events and recreational activities, we promote:

    a. a healthy IFT image;
    b. a sporty campus life;
    c. a regular physical training is essential;
    d. a regular physical activity should be a habit.

2. To create conditions of sports events, we offer:

    a. sufficient physical space and environment;
    b. sufficient resources and support;
    c. appropriate educational support to students, faculty and staff for activities

Scope of Work

1. Organize physical activities and exercise

2. Organize sports events

3. Organize sports competitions

4. To provide informative and educational sports knowledge


William Chu (Leader)
Emily Pun (Leader)
Tannia O (Leader)
Cassenna Chan (secretary for RST)
Stephanie Chu (invited member from PR)
Sports Club (invited member from Student Union)
Ng Wai Keong (invited member from THS)
Judy Wong (invited member from THS admin. team)
Chris Chan (invited member from ITT)
Kasu Fong (invited member from ENG)


1. Regular meeting will be held to plan and organize the related activities

2. Annual report on the key events shall be written at the end of the academic year, outlining the execution of planned events, and rooms for improvement.

2013/14 Report Line

1. 2013/14 Academic Year sports regular activities; please refer to extra-curricular activities planning.

2. 2013/14 Academic Year sports event by Sports Club

    a. Badminton Competition (Fall 2013/14)

    b. Basketball Competition (Fall 2013/14)

    c. Volleyball Competition (Fall 2013/14)

    d. Football Competition (Spring 2013/14)

    e. Mini Marathon (Spring 2013/14)

3. Seminar on  Sport and Health (March)

4. Hiking (April)

5. One-day trip (May)


1. RST is under OSH management, therefore, RST should report to OSH Secretariat.

2. Rules and regulations can be reviewed through OSH Secretariat submission to management.