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For the continuous improvement of daily energy management at the Institute for Tourism Studies, and encourage the good habit of students and teaching staff for consistently making good use of energy, various departments of the Institute have appointed their members to compose the ‘Energy Management Team’. Its function is to strengthen the relevant management work and inspect the facilities of the Institute’s buildings daily for whether or not they are properly used, so that the Team can continuously and systematically manage and supervise the usage of energy daily; to improve energy efficiency and reduce wastage in order to advocate the importance of energy saving through practical action. In addition, it also promotes the information and technology of energy efficiency and energy management, and encourages students and teaching staff to join together, creating an eco-friendly green campus.



The scope of application covers all colleges and schools of the Institute including the two training units: Educational Hotel (Pousada de Mong-Ha) and Educational Restaurant, as well as offices, classrooms, library and all facilities within the campus area. It also encourages the good habit of students and teaching staff about consistently making good use of energy in their daily study and work.


Management Model

To ensure energy management work of the Institute could be fully implemented and supported, and the related work could be implemented smoothly and effectively, the Energy Management Team established by the Institute is led by the president and vice president, with special responsibilities of coordination, planning, execution, evaluation and reporting the specific implementation and effectiveness of various energy management works.



1. In accordance with the actual situation, the Team suggests and assists with setting the annual goal of energy saving, the plan for energy saving work and specific work arrangement.

2. It executes daily energy management work, and performs continuous and systematic management and supervision to various energy consumption activities in departments, in order to ensure energy resources are used properly.

3. It coordinates and organises related work of promotion and training to encourage staff saving energy.

4. It draws up guidelines of energy saving, enhances the energy saving awareness of students and teaching staff and standardises daily usage of energy to avoid wastage.

5. It collects and analyses consumption data, supervises and analyses daily usage of energy to eliminate wastage.


Reporting System

Energy Management Team needs to regularly collect and analyse energy consumption data, to assess the executive situation of various energy management work and to compile relevant report forms, work reports and so on, as well as regularly reports the specific effectiveness of energy management and propose idea for improvement.


Plan for Energy Saving Work

According to the daily discovery of potential opportunities for energy saving, Energy Management Team needs to suggest and assist in drawing up specific plan for energy saving for the next year with the Institute, whilst evaluates its effectiveness of energy saving and practices continuous improvement in order to save energy.


Energy Report

To evaluate and review the specific implementation and energy saving performance of various energy saving measures, Energy Management Team needs to compile an energy report every year, with which to analyse, evaluate, review and summarise various energy management measures in the previous year, the specific executive situation in the related plan for energy saving work and the obtained actual effectiveness, as well as submits this year’s plan for energy saving.



If necessary, after there is [certain] number of Energy Management Team members agreed and confirmed, the contents of the preceding Articles can be modified.