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In order to provide a safety environment to study and working, IFT always pay high attention to prevention of fire and safety of using fire. The setup of Fire Prevention Team (FPT) aims to strengthen individuals’ awareness of fire safety, to promote fire safety knowledge, developing Emergency Plan of Fire, to prepare individuals and institution to react appropriately and rapidly in any fire situation and reducing personnel and property lost caused by fire.


Scope of Work

This Rules and Regulations apply to all students, staff, visitors, guests in Pousada, staffs from outsourcing companies, and all persons situated in IFT campus.




To develop fire safety management system and supervise the execution of related works. In order to have the successful implementation of fire safety management, it is recommended to provide Fire Prevention Team all adequate resources, trainings and supports to ensure the team has required knowledge and resources of fire safety. Besides, Fire Prevention Team will evaluate the execution of the works and report directly to IFT leaders regularly, and give suggestions for further improvements.

Following elements are involved in the management of fire safety:

1. Develop Emergency Plan – Fire ;

2. Held trainings of fire safety;

3. Promotion of fire safety and fire prevention;

4. Held annual fire drills.



To achieve the above objectives, Fire Prevention Team needs to implement the following tasks:

Establishing Fire Prevention Team which will be responsible for execution of fire safety related jobs ;

Setup yearly objectives, develop and implement the year plan;

Develop Emergency Plan – Fire ;

Regularly provides fire safety Friendly Reminder through email, which helps to improve the awareness of fire safety and prevent fire happening in IFT;

To held  yearly fire drills to ensure all IFT personnel acquire sufficient understandings of emergency evacuation in case there is a fire;

Prepare the Fire Prevention Team Annual Report at the end of the academic year. The report will analyze, review and outline the execution of planned events, achieved results of fire safety management plans and rooms for further improvement.



Above Articles are subject to be changed upon the agreements of over 50% of Fire Prevention Team members.