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IFT attaches great importance to occupational safety and health, through continuous improvement work, to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment. Occupational Safety and Health Team in addition to the facilities on campus for risk evaluation, while strengthening the various departments to promote safety awareness, especially F&B, engineering, customer relation and CS. Through the draft of a safe and healthy work inside the Institute systems, procedures and rules to employees to follow. In order to reduce work-related accidents and losses caused by accident, and to prevent Occupational Chronic Diseases, thereby improving work efficiency.



All IFT staff, students, visitors and staffs from outsourcing companies are applicable.



Develop an occupational safety and health management system and supervise the work process, develop training programs, rational use of resources to support the implementation, ensure that the knowledge and resources are implemented to the Occupational Safety and Health projects and tasks among different department. Regularly assess the situation of the work performed, report directly to the leadership and propose plans to make continuous improvement.

Management elements related to the safety management system involves the following:

1. Security and safety policy;

2. Internal safety rules;

3. Safety Training;

4. Safety Promotion;

5. Risk Evaluation;

6. Procedures to deal with emergencies;

7. Investigate the cause of the accident and to develop programs to prevent the recurrence of accidents.


Specific work

To achieve the above objectives, the Occupational Safety and Health Management team needs to implement the following:

1. Responsible for enforcing the occupational safety and health management work;

2. Targets are set each year to develop and implement the work and training programs;

3. Develop guidelines to enhance their awareness of occupational safety and health, and to prevent accidents;

4. Hold regular training programs and exercises to ensure that employees have sufficient knowledge of occupational safety;

5. Check campus facilities for safety assessment and risk assessment, and to develop appropriate contingency plan to minimize risk

6. Preparing an annual report by analysing, evaluating, reviewing and summarizing each year’s work plan implementation and the actual results achieved.


Accident Emergency Contingency Plan

Formulation of " Accident Emergency Contingency Plan " in case if any accident or conflict on campus to provide an appropriate support for all victims.



To review the occupational safety and health measures specific conditions and the actual results achieved, and submit an Occupational Safety and Health report to the President yearly, to prepare an annual report on the analysis, evaluation, review and summary of the Occupational Safety and Health Management related work, and also submit an occupational safety and health plan for next year.



The contents of the above terms can be modified if more than half of the number of members agreed and acknowledged.