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The IFT Occupational Safety and Health & Green Task Force (OSHG) is formed by the management board and staff of the institute. Its aim is to promote the concept of occupational safety in the workplace and cultivate knowledge of concerned issue so that staff could have a safer, healthier and greener working environment.

However, the variety of programmes and student population have been increasing gradually over the years. Therefore, it is time to restructure OSHG to better cater for the contemporary needs. It is always better to be proactive rather than reactive or post-active. Therefore, Crisis Management Team is formed to handle emergencies and to lay out subsequent remedial plans needed for speedy recovery.



1. To advise the President what policies to be implemented regarding critical incidents involving students and staff.

2. To lay out guidelines and plans for handling critical incidents.

3. To coordinate swiftly with concerned parties in the event of critical incidents.

4. To lay out recovery plans when critical incidents occur so as to minimize the adverse impact.

5. To arouse awareness of or provide educational workshops to students and staff for the possible critical incidents with an aim to reduce the risk of their happening.

6. To provide an annual brief report to the President about the work progress and yearly plan.