Summer is coming! Drinking water is the best way to replenish body fluids.

Summer is coming. Drinking water is the best way to replenish body fluids. In order to encourage Students and Staffs to drink greener, numerous drinking water fountains have been installed around Macau & Taipa campus. We prepared some tips for how to use plastic water bottle correctly and the location of water fountains around the campus.  Regular inspection for water fountain will be performed at least once a year to ensure the water is safe for consumption.

Tips for plastic bottle

(1) Make sure the bottle is in good condition and clean before you fill it up with drinking water.

(2) The heat resistance level of different plastic is different, confirm the heat resistance temperature by checking the bottom of the bottle before filling it with hot water.

(3) If you prefer drinking hot water, glasses bottle or thermos bottle are also a good choice.

(4) Avoid using the same plastic bottle for a long time, if the bottle was discolored or damaged, replace it.

       Data from: CONSUMER COUNCIL (HK)


 Drinking fountain location

           澳門校區  ( Macau Campus )

  • I309 附近 Near I309
  • 學生及員工餐廳  Windows Cafeteria



           氹仔校區 ( Taipa Campus )

  • C127附近 Near C127
  • C225附近 Near C225
  • 學生及員工餐廳 Windows Cafeteria


The above green tip is brought to you by IFT Green Team