Stretching exercise

Stretching is a warm up exercise, it can increase flexibility, help the body to develop a more flexible range of activities. It requires our joint movement to be flexible and in line with bending, stretching and twisting movements turn. A comprehensive stretching exercise can assist in the development of motion, strength, explosive power, endurance, balance and coordination.

Stretching can help:

  1. Promote circulation and restore elasticity
    Muscle tension will slow down the blood circulation and  stress is one of the key factors that cause insomnia, stretching can restore muscle flexibility and circulating metabolic function to be effective.

  2. Prevention of injury
    Stretching before exercise has an important role to prevent excessive muscle pull during extreme sports. Frequent stretching can increase muscle elasticity and ductility.  On the other hand, progressive tendon can strengthened the tendon toughness, that can greatly reduce the chance of injury. Stretching after sports can also sooth the muscle stiffness and reduce the muscle soreness due to excessive exercise.

Here is the video of the stretching exercises provided by IFT

Part 1

Part 2

 Here is the sketch of the stretching exercises provided by Health Bureau

 The above information is brought to you by Dr. Wong Soi Kuan from Health Care Centre Main Campus