Sport Survey Analysis

Sport Survey Analysis Report (2012-2013)

There are total 54 persons answers the survey

1. Do you like sport activities?

2.What is your primary interest in participating in sports activities?

3. Which environment do you prefer for sports activities?

Where do you usually take part in sports activities?

4. How much time do you spend on sports activities every week?

5. Which of the following sports activities are you interested in?

6. Have you ever taken part in a match/game as school representative (or Macau SAR) in the past?

7. What is your primary concern when joining sports activities?

8. How likely are you to consider joining IFT sports activities if your primary concern is met?

9. Which of the following sports activities do you wish IFT to organise?  


10. What kind of sports team do you wish IFT to form?

11.Would you join IFT sports team if there is a chance?

12. Through which channels would you like to receive IFT sports information?

13. Gender



14. Profession