Within the framework of the UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management, UNESCO and IFT have jointly developed the Cultural Heritage Specialist Guide Training and Certification Programme for UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The programme has been recognized by the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) with the 2007 PATA Gold Award under the category of "Education and Training", and by the World Heritage Committee at its 31st Session as “a best-practice example of an initiative aiming at integrating the conservation of World Heritage within the wider sustainable development framework for the benefit of local communities."

Certification: Students who have fulfilled  80% attendance rate and passed all required assessments will be awarded the certificate
                        of Specialist Guide for World Heritage Sites (Macao)



                       Study Path:

SpecialistGuide for World Heritage Sites (Macao)
Obtained at least a score of 70% in the final examinations of Macao Heritage Tour Guide and Cultural Heritage Interpretation for World Heritage Sites
Cultural Heritage Interpretation for World Heritage Sites(24 hours)
Macao Heritage Tour Guide Course (36 hours)
Tour Guide Course (180 hours)