Smoke free Campus and Offices

The new Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control (Law no.5/2011 which is amended by Law no. 9/2017) has been enforced. In order to create a healthy learning and working environment, as well as to protect all students and staff exempted from the harm of second-hand smoke, smoking is prohibited throughout the campus (except for designated smoking areas), and "No Smoking" signs has been posted in conspicuous places to remind all staff and students that smoke-free policy has been implemented. Offenders are liable to a maximum fine of MOP1,500.


Designated Smoking Areas


Mong-Há Campus:

smoking area I-building

Designated section on top of I-Building


smoking area PMH

Veranda of Pousada de Mong-Há


Designated outdoor area of Windows Cafeteria 



Alfresco of Educational Restaurant


Taipa Campus:


Designated section on 9th Floor of East Asia Hall