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  • Photocopying inside the Library is on a self-service basis. Self-service photocopier is operated by the use of Macau Pass.


  • When using the photocopiers and printers, users should abide by all responsibility and consequences for violating patents and copyrights


ModePrinting via IFT printerPrinting/Photocopying via Photocopier
Simplex A4 black and whiteMOP0.30 / pageMOP0.30 / page
Simplex A4 colourMOP2.40 / pageMOP2.40 / page
Duplex A4 black and whiteMOP0.20 / pageMOP0.20 / page
Duplex A4 colourMOP1.60 / pageMOP2.40 / page
Simplex A3 black and white MOP0.60 / page
Simplex A3 colour MOP4.80 / page
Duplex A3 black and white MOP0.40 / page 
Duplex A3 colour MOP4.80 / page