Eligibility for Application and Registration

  1. Courses are restricted to those reaching 15 years old or above to attend.
  2. Passport holder could only apply for courses with their valid stay in Macao covering the full course duration. Otherwise, the enrolment would be CANCELLED and NO REFUND of all fees or part thereof would be made.
  3. Any applicant giving up enrolment after being selected for 3 times within a period of 12 months will be temporarily banned from applying for any course for 180 consecutive days, counting from the day s/he gives up the third enrolment (exception is given for the application of Refresher Seminar for Tour Guide and Ground Transfer Agent).
  4. Students should not re-enroll in any free course that they have already completed.

Application and Registration information

  1. Those wishing to apply for courses should register through any of the following. Registration through telephone, fax or email are not accepted:
     i.  online registration; or
    ii.  counter registration (in person or by others) at IFTM’s Pedagogic Affairs Department of Macau Campus (Colina de Mong-Ha).
  2. Registrant could only use one identity for registration even though s/he has more than one identity (e.g. If Macao ID card is used for registration, other identities like HK ID card, passport etc. could not be used for the same course registration). If any registrant is found using more than one identity for registration, all related registrations of the same course would become invalid.
  3. Registrant should enroll and settle the fee per the identity registered. (e.g. If a registrant uses HK ID card for registration is accepted, s/he could not present another identify later like Macao ID card for enrollment and settlement in order to enjoy lower course fee).
  4. All necessary documents must be uploaded as required and they have to be genuine and accurate. Otherwise, the registration would become invalid.
  5. A system email will be sent within 15 minutes after each successful registration.
  6. Accepted list will be released on Institute webpage. List will display registrant’s applicant code, his/her Chinese and foreign names.
  7. If cancellation is needed due to force majeure, the applicant can submit cancellation request by email to apply@ift.edu.mo during the registration period.
  8. Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.
  9. IFTM reserves the right to change the course instructor whenever necessary.


  1. Accepted registrant could settle the course fee by any of the following. Placement would be cancelled for outstanding cases after the due date.
    i.   Online credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard credit cards or other payment tools accepted by the ePayment Platform of Macao Postal Savings); or
    ii.  IFTM’s cashier (Macau Campus - Colina de Mong-Ha):
    - Cash (MOP only);
    - Credit Card (VISA or MASTER or Union Pay);
    - Local Company Cheque or Cashier Order (payable to "Instituto de Formacao Turistica de Macau").
  2. Those wishing to settle the course fee by using DSEJ Continuous Improvement and Development Program have to bring the original ID cards for fee settlement. This could be done in person or by authorising another person who needs to submit an Authorisation Form and related documents.

Refund Policy

  1. Those settling the course fee by credit card payment or cash (including company cheque or cashier order) could be refunded 50% of the paid fee if withdrawal request is submitted at least three working days(counting from day following request day) before course commencement. Should the request be submitted after the said period, no refund would be made. The refund will be ready within 1.5 months when all necessary documents are ready.
  2. Those who have settled the course fee by using the DSEJ Continuous Improvement and Development Program account would not be deducted if withdrawal request is submitted at least three working days(counting from day following request day) before course commencement.  However, full amount of course fee as well as course deposit would be deducted after the said period.
  3. Should a refund procedure be needed, IFTM could reimburse the paid fee to registrant’s personal bank account provided that the bank book copy is duly given.

Deferral or Withdrawal

  1. Deferral policy is not applicable to SCE courses, except Tour Guide and Diploma Courses.
  2. Students wishing to withdraw from a free course should submit a withdrawal application before the course ends and their registration for other free courses would not be accepted for two months counting from the following day when the withdrawal application is approved. Students dropping out from a free course without withdrawal application would not be eligible for registering all free courses for one year counting from the course end date.

Course certificate or testimonial

  1. Students whose attendance is less than 80% of the total classes in each subject are not allowed to take the final examination and thus no certificate will be awarded
  2. Course certificates will be awarded to student with no outstanding record with the Institute.
  3. Students could apply for a testimonial by completing the application form proving their attendance rate or registration status. Each copy costs MOP50.
  4. The certificate will be issued ten weeks after the course completion. SMS and email collection notifications will be sent and the certificate needs to be collected within 180 days.  Authorisation Form with ID copies of both parties are needed if the student cannot come in person. Re-application of certificate collection is needed if it is not collected in due course.

Personal Data Collection Statement

I hereby agree and acknowledge that:

  1. I have provided the above information to Macao Institute for Tourism Studies for the respective course application. Such personal information is for establishing student record for the purpose of student services and statistic purposes.
  2. The Institute will process and store my personal information through automated devices or manual operation. My personal information and document submitted might be forwarded to government departments or administrative bodies within and outside MSAR Government when deemed necessary.
  3. I could request the Institute for reviewing and updating my personal information.
  4. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details.


  1. Registrants aged under 18 years old must submit an Acknowledgement Form from parent or guardian upon application.
  2. Due to limited car park slots, only application from student attending EVENING COURSE would be accepted and usage is restricted during the course hours. Any enquiries could be addressed to Pedagogic Affairs Department at 2856 1252 / 8598 2007 during office hours. Details could be found in Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations and Car Park Application form.