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1. Mission

The IFT Library (hereafter named as Library) focuses on collecting reference materials related to tourism management, hospitality studies, event management and cultural heritage studies and courses provided in the curriculum of IFT, it aims to support student learning, academic and research support in a user friendly manner . 


2. Admittance

  1. To have access to the Library, a user has to present either a valid Student Card, Staff Card or Library Card.

  2. Staff from Government Departments and practitioners of the tourism and hospitality industries, upon the authorization of the Library, could have access to the Library.

  3. Those who can provide proof of their need to use the Library may be admitted, provided they have the authorization of the Library. 


3. Timetable 

  1. Opening hours

    Opening Hours

    Mong-Há Campus LibraryTaipa Campus Library

    Monday to Friday









  2. Library is closed on official holidays of Macao (Please refer to the calendar of public holidays published in the  “Boletim Official da Região Administrativa Especial De Macau” of the corresponding year).
  3. Users will be advised to leave 15 minutes before the Library closes, in order to adhere to the timetable.
  4. Users of Library will be advised if there is an alteration to the timetable. Please kindly refer to IFT Library Webpage (ift.edu.mo/library).


Notice: Library will be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Special operating hours during examinations and term break will be announced on our website in advance.


4. Reading and Consultation

  1. Users are granted access to all reference materials on display in the Library, except in the case of (4c) and (4f). 
  2. Users are allowed to consult all available documentation within the Library or borrow to be read at home, except in cases (4c) to (4f).
  3. Materials in the "On Reserved" section can be viewed but not borrowed. In order to consult the reserved materials, the user is required to present his/her Smart Card or Library Card, which will be kept at the circulation counter until the particular materials are returned. Each user is eligible to consult these "On Reserved' materials for a maximum duration of three hours if another user had queue up for the same materials.
  4. Materials in the “Course Reserve” section can be viewed within Library only.
  5. Reference documents, namely annual publications, bibliographies, statistics, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, atlases, maps and serial publications, as well as any document in a poor state of preservation, can only be viewed within the Library, except in cases pertaining to (4h).
  6. Bibliographical materials in the format of folder with flying pages are kept in the special display area. Owing to preservation reason, only IFT staffs are allowed to borrow them to read outside the Library. Student users have to leave their cards at the circulation counter when consulting these materials inside the Library.
  7. All Library materials, including books, audio-visual materials, as well as maps and tutorial materials requested by the lecturers/professors for use in the classroom, can only be used after having been duly processed.
  8. Professors/Lecturers are authorized to borrow maps and tutorial materials for use in the classrooms by filling in a special requisition form, except in cases pertaining to (4c) and (4d).
  9. The latest editions of periodical publications can be found on the display shelves, according to their respective subject.
  10. Teacher's manuals are reserved for professors/lecturers who teach in the corresponding subjects only.


5. Rules for Library Loans

  1. Identification: In order to maintain control of the material lent out, it is necessary for borrowers to present their valid Smart Cards or Library Cards.

  2. Loan quotas: Without written permission of the Library, the maximum number of books in any one time period that a borrower may have on loan to him/her is as follows. Besides, each user has two extra quotas for borrowing Fiction Collection.

    Bachelor / Diploma

    8 items

    Full-Time Academic Staff

    20 items

    Part-Time Academic Staff

    10 items

    Administrative staff

    5 items

    Industry Library Membership

    3 items

    Macau Academic Library Alliance

    3 items


    3 items

  3. Loan periods: Borrowers are responsible for returning their loans on or before the end of the following specified loan periods; unless special authorization is given, please refer to the following table for on loan duration of different types of resources.

    Patron Type

    Total Quota

    On-Loan Items

    On-Loan Duration (Days)


    Bachelor /  Diploma


    B, AV






    Full-Time Academic


    B, TE, F







    Part-Time Academic


    B, TE, F









    B, AV





    External Users

    Industry Library Membership




    Macau Academic Library Alliance









    i. B=Books, AV = Audio Visual Materials, FC= Fiction, TE=Teaching Manual, F=Flying Pages Folders

    ii. Maximum renewal is 3 times for above items. (Except for External Users)

  4. On special occasions such as when the Library needs to carry out an inventory check, all loans may be recalled and it must then be returned on or before the new due date. Late return will be treated as an overdue and is liable to an overdue administrative charge.

  5. Overdue administrative charge: Borrowers are responsible to return their loans on or before the due date. The overdue administrative charge is counted at MOP10.00 per item per day.

  6. The maximum overdue administrative charge is MOP500 per loan. Thereafter if a loan is still not returned, they will be regarded as lost and an additional charge equivalent to the cost of the replacement of the book plus the processing costs will be claimed. Thus, the total amount of the extra administrative charge for the mentioned case would be MOP500 plus two times of the item price.

  7. Return items will not be accepted for waiving or reducing overdue administrative charges after the lost claim notices are issued.

  8. Overdue notice: Attempts will be made to send overdue notices to borrowers as soon as possible. All Library notices are e-mailed to users with IFT email accounts. Non-receipt of such notices will not be accepted as an excuse for waiving or reducing overdue administrative charges for overdue loans.

  9. All administrative charges shall be paid via the Macau Pass Kiosk or at the Administrative and Financial Support Division.

  10. At the end of the loan period, a user may ask for a renewal of the period for the same length of time as before. Renewal will not be authorized to overdue items or if another user has made a prior request to borrow the same material. Users can arrange the renewal through Webpac (Web Public Access Catalogue) by themselves, or they may bring their renewal items to the circulation desk to arrange for renewal.

  11. Users may serve any borrowed items through the Webpac or at the circulation counter. Upon receiving the return loan, the user will be informed of the availability by IFT e-mail.

  12. Users are forbidden to lend material to a third party.

  13. Interlibrary loan can be applied at the circulation counter in the Library.


 6. Rules for Book Return

  1. The 'Book Return' will be in service ONLY when the Library closes. Please return your books directly to the library counter.

  2. All items will be treated as OVERDUE even users drop them inside the 'Book Return' ON the due date.

  3. Users are liable to pay any overdue administrative charges when depositing overdue items inside the 'Book Return'.

  4. All books deposited to the 'Book Return' will be collected by library staff on the following working day, please check your Library Account to view current status of your items.

  5. Please DO NOT take any books out from the 'Book Return', for any check out, kindly approach the library.


 7. Rules for Meeting Room

Regulations of meeting room: Three meeting rooms can be found in the Mong-Há Campus Library for discussion and project work. Flip chart is available upon request. Interested parties may check the time availability in Venue Booking System, fill in the online form and your booking will be confirmed if no one places a request on the same date and time.

Under Normal Situation:

 i.The room is open to all users, when no reservation is made.
 ii.Door should be kept open all the time when no reservation is made.
 iii.Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, using pagers and mobile phones, shouting, playing and misconduct of any kind are strictly prohibited.

Under Reservation:

 i.A minimum of 3 (for Meeting Room A), 8 (for Meeting Room B) or 6 (for Audio Visual Room) persons should show up (within 15 minutes).
 ii.Users can reserve the room at a maximum of 2 hours a time. Extension could be made if no reservations follow.
 iii.Extension should be made half an hour before the end of current reservation.
 iv.Door should be kept closed.
 v.Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, using pagers and mobile phones, shouting, playing and misconduct of any kind are strictly prohibited.
Any violation of the above term(s) will result in the suspension in using the meeting room. The library reserves the right to adjust the regulations without further notices.


8. Rules for Locker Service

  1. Users can use the lockers when they enter the Library, and should clear their belongings from the lockers before leaving.
  2. Valuable materials are not suggested to keep inside the lockers.
  3. Any abuse use of lockers (such as keeping as personal lockers, etc.), the Library has the authority to clear the lockers, and users are liable for all responsibilities thereafter.
  4. Library is not responsible for any loss.
  5. Library has the right to modify the regulations without any notice.

9. Conduct in the Library

  1. Group work should not, under any circumstances, disturb the tranquility of the Library. Any user causing disturbance to others and ignoring the verbal warning of the Library staff may be expelled from the Library.

  2. Users are forbidden to mark, fold, and spoil in any way, the Library materials or to remove any signs added by the services of the Library (notes, stamps, or any other registration marks).

  3. Users are forbidden to smoke, drink, eat, sleep, talk (loudly), sit down on the table or on the arms of the chairs, or move furniture from the position where it is, in the Library.

  4. Mobile phones, pagers, telephones or any beeping devices should not be used inside the Library.

  5. Users are responsible for their personal belongings inside the Library. 

  6. Books stamped with "Reference" are not allowed to be taken away from the Library unless prior permission is given.

  7. In order to avoid any misplacement of the books and the Library materials, users should leave them on the table or the book cart. Users can also hand them back to the Library staff for shelving.

  8. For the convenience of the other users in locating the periodicals that are frequently used, users should place the newspapers and the magazines on the specified shelves after consulting them.

  9. When using IT resources, such as computers, scanners, multifunctional photocopiers, etc. inside Library, users should comply with the Statement on the Use of IFT Computing and Network Resources.

  10. Pets are not allowed to enter the Library.


10. Sanctions

  1. The borrower will automatically lose the borrowing privilege when there is any overdue item appearing in his/her Library loan record.

  2. In the event of the same user repeatedly returning damaged material, the Library reserves the right to suspend future borrowing.

  3. Requested or borrowed material is to be preserved in good condition by the borrower. In the event of loss or damage to the material, an additional administrative charge equivalent to the cost of the replacement of the book plus the processing costs (i.e. two times of the item prices) will be claimed. If there is no reference for the price of the lost or damaged item, the replacement cost will be calculated by the number of pages. Each page will be charged at MOP1 and the minimum charge will be MOP100. Those items with no reference of page numbers will be charged at MOP300. In case when the price of non-print or multimedia materials are not clear, the replacement cost will be decided by the price of similar items available in the market.

  4. In the event that users are found occupying the compartments (lockers) of Library with their personal belongings when they are not using the Library, Library staff may remove them from the lockers as unwanted materials. Moreover, Library reserves the right to suspend the future usage of the lockers by these users.

  5. Any misconduct mentioned in the previous sections is considered as a Library offence. The Library reserves the right to suspend the future privileges of the user in using Library services when s/he ignores the verbal warning from the Library staff. In the case of the offender, s/he will be served with a warning letter via e-mail, notifying Academic Coordinator, Head of Technical and Academic Support Division and Student Counsellors.

  6. Users should be responsible for their conduct inside the Library. Any cases related to theft and vandalism may be referred to the Macao Special Administrative Region Police Department.

11. Recommendation of Library Acquisition

  1. Users are welcome to recommend Library acquisitions by submitting the recommendation forms together with the information (such as editorial reviews, table of contents or the bibliographical sources, from which you select the specific titles) of the materials to the Library. The recommendation forms can be downloaded or submitted online via the Library Website.

  2. Student's recommendation should be first endorsed by the professors/lecturers of the corresponding subjects or by the Academic Coordinator.

  3. Recommendations will then be submitted to Library for opinion regarding the interest and relevance of an acquisition before passing to the Administrative Council for approval.

12. Photocopying

  1. Photocopying inside the Library is on a self-service basis. Users can make photocopies with their Macau Pass.

  2. When using the Library photocopier, users should assume all responsibility and consequences for violating patents and copyrights.

13. Food and Drink Guidelines

  1. Covered beverages and small odorless snacks are permitted in the Casual Reading Area of Taipa Campus Library. Messy or aromatic foods and meals (eg. pizza, hamburgers, hot food) are not permitted.

  2. Food and drink pose a potential risk to library collection, equipment and furnishing.  Please act responsibly when consuming food and drink in the library.

  3. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

  4. Report any spills that many occur to library staff immediately.

  5. Help us to keep the Library free of litter including cans, bottles and food containers/wrappers. 

14. Special Regulations

  1. In addition to the above regulations, the Library can adopt contingency measures to ensure the smooth operation of the Library.

  2. The Library reserves the right to adjust the regulations without further notices.