Policy Statement

IFT is aimed to become an environmentally responsible organization in the society. This is an important step to show that the success of a sustainable society needs the participation of every stakeholder through positive action. To this end, the Institute (including its two training units Pousada de Mong-Ha [Educational Hotel] and Educational Restaurant) is committed to provide a good environment for its students, staff members and guests of the two training units, and to ensure that its activities are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner.

To continually improve the environmental quality of the campus to provide a green environment for teaching, learning and scholastic activities, we endeavor to build a clean and green campus and the following guidelines are adopted in pursuance of this commitment:

  • To comply with relevant environmental legislation; standards and regulations
  • To raise environmental awareness and culture among students, staff members and guests of the two training units in protecting the environment and preventing pollution within the campus and set the Institute as a model in environmental education and environmental management in Macao
  • To seek continual improvement in the efficient use of energy and other natural resources
  • To ensure good management policies and practices by reviewing them regularly and ensure that they are tuned to meet the evolving circumstances
  • To avoid, reduce or control environmental pollution arising from our activities and to require our contractors to adopt and implement similar environmental measures
  • To undertaking the design, procurement and maintenance of facilities in an environmentally responsible manner such as energy saving and reducing the consumption and minimizing the production of materials that are harmful to the environment
  • To enhance the green campus by planting more trees and herbs, aiming to improve the air quality via natural resources
  • To ensure that environmental issues are taken care of in the procurement of any goods and services and creates a green culture
  • To maintain sustainable improvement on all environmental related issues at the Institute and adopt 4R(Recycle, Reduce, Reuse and Replace)

Conclusively, IFT pledge to strive for a greener institute and help to protect the environment.

The IFT OSH & Green Task Force shall be responsible for administering and monitoring this policy. The task force will also endeavor to openly communicate the policy and practices to interested parties. All members of the Institute are invited to support the task force's effort to meet the goals of this policy by offering comments and suggestions for improvement.

President of IFT
Fanny Vong