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Past Activities 2016

Year: 【2017】【2016


IFT library carried out the following activities in 2016.



  1. Participated Opening Ceremony


  • 9 December, participated the “Patane Library” Opening Ceremony.



  1. Hosted library workshop


  • 8 November, hosted library workshop – “SAGE Research Methods (SRM) training”.


  1. Participated Seminar and Opening Ceremony 


  • 10 November, participated the “Cross-Strait Science and Technology Library Services Cooperation and Innovation Seminar and Opening Ceremony for Macao Sci-Tech Information Service Center”.


  • 21 November, participated the opening ceremony and forum of “Macau and UNESCO Memory of the World Programme”.


  1. Participated a field trip


  • 21 – 26 November, participated a field trip to Shanghai conducted by Macau Academic Library Alliance.



  1. Participated seminar


  • 13 October, participated the Macau Academic Library Alliance Professional Lecture Series – “Redefining the Library Services Platform from the inside out”.


  1. Participated a conference


  • 25 - 26 October, participated the 11th Conference on Cooperative Development and Sharing of Chinese Resources.


  1. Hosted library workshop


  • 25 October, hosted library workshop – “Emerald Database Training”.