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Accepted List of Short Courses

In case of typhoon or unforeseen circumstances, the release of Accepted List will be postponed to the next working day. 

Enrolment Period: 26 Nov - 1 Dec 2020

Course CodeCourse NameCourse PeriodAccepted & Waiting ListTimeTable
CA153-2002L'École du Vin de Bordeaux – Discovering Bordeaux Wine (Level 1)2020/12/05- 2020/12/20ViewView
CA156-2003Chinese Regional Cuisine – Shun De Cuisine2020/12/09- 2021/01/13ViewView


Enrolment Period: 25-26 Nov. 2020

Course CodeCourse NameCourse PeriodAccepted & Waiting ListTimeTable
BH018-2101IPTFA International Yoga (Level 1) Instructor Certificate Course2021/01/17- 2021/02/21ViewView
BH035-2101IPTFA Pilates Matwork (Level 1) Instructor Certificate Course2021/01/16- 2021/02/20ViewView
BS036-2004Leadership Skills for Excellence  2020/12/11- 2021/01/28 ViewView
BS038-2101LCCI Level 1 Certificate in Bookkeeping2021/01/05- 2021/03/04ViewView
C038-2005Japanese Cuisine  2020/12/15- 2021/01/19 ViewView
C067-2003Portuguese and Macanese Cuisine  2020/12/01- 2021/01/12 ViewView
CA097-2010Introduction to Wine - Wine Knowledge 12020/12/09- 2020/12/30ViewView
CA123-2004Macanese Cuisine2020/12/01- 2021/01/07ViewView
CA157-2003Chinese Dim Sum – Shanghainese Dim Sum2020/12/10- 2021/01/22ViewView
IT035-2001Microsoft Access in Inventory Management Applications2020/12/02- 2020/12/18ViewView