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Review of the 3rd IFT Healthy & Green Month

We’d like to express our grateful thanks to all of you for your participation in our 3rd IFT Healthy and Green Month which was successfully completed. Without any one of you, we are sure this event won’t come to a success. Therefore, we’d like to take this opportunity to briefly share our achievement with you.

Let’s Be a Green Walker!

For those who selected to be a Green Walker during the Green Month were entitled to win a bottle of homemade biscotti weekly. Further, participants who committed as a green walker for more than 70% (12 days or above) during the event period, would have a chance to win a couple of Educational Restaurant Buffet Dinner as well. The participation rate was relatively high as there were more than 1370 participants joined this 16 days activity.

Sharing Session on Planting and Gardening

IFT invited a representative of the gardening supplier to have a sharing session on planting and gardening on 24 March, several types of indoor and outdoor plants and planting methods had been introduced. Participants learnt more on cultivation and so as to integrate the green element into the living and working environment. There were 24 staff and students joined the sharing session.

Happy Planting

IFT provided lands for students and staff to have farming activity in the Aerial Garden for 3 months, which let participants enjoy the fun of planting. There were 69 students and staff joint this activity.

Tchoukball Promotion Day

China-Macau Junzi Ball (Tchoukball) General Association was invited to promote Tchoukball and had a demonstration at IFT on 27 March, 17 students and staff participated in this activity.

Sports Makes Good Emotion (Seminar) and Body Analysis

There were in total 80 students and staff joined the Sports Makes Good Emotion (Seminar) and Body Analysis which were delivered by the representatives of Macao Sport Development Board.

Oxfam 1/8 Exhibition and Enzyme Workshop

IFT organized a group of 30 students and staff to attend the Oxfam 1/8 Exhibition and Enzyme Workshop on 3 & 10 April respectively.

Visit to Natural Gas Station

A group of 18 students and staff visited the Nam Kwong Natural Gas Company Limited on 4 April, participants had learnt its daily operation and visited the company's natural gas facilities.

Foosball Championship

A foosball Championship was organized at IFT on 8 & 9 April for all students and staff, a Champion and two runners-ups were setup for this competition. A total of 13 students and staff participated in this activity.

Plants for Green Offices

In order to create a comfortable workplace with some green touches, IFT provided green plants for staff to decorate office on 9 April. There were 117 staff joint this activity and let's create a Green Office together! 

Hiking Fun!

IFT held a hiking activity on 12 April, there were 32 students and staff including their families and friends participated in this activity. IFT also invited the docent of IACM to deliver a guided tour for all participants.

"Eat Smart Drink Smart" Event

Our Drama Club students performed at Windows Cafeteria on 8 & 16 April to promote eliminate food waste to all staff and students. During the activities, IFT prepared tasty fruits for every Eat Smart members who did “Empty the Plate”.

Health Talk on “Supplements-Things You Need To Know”

IFT held a health talk for all staff and students, which is delivered by our in-house doctor regarding "Supplements - Things You Need To Know” on 14 April. The purpose of this talk was to enhance the acknowledgement of selection on a wide range of supplements available in the market.


Award Presentation

A simple but solemn award ceremony of the 3rd IFT Healthy & Green Month was held at Windows Cafeteria on 16 April, our Vice President, Florence Ian, Functional Heads of Purchasing Team and Central Services Department presented the awards of several competitions and activities organized throughout the Green Month, certificates of appreciation to all the student representatives were issued as well. 

Once again, thank you very much for all your great support. Let’s work together to maintain a healthy and green campus and look forward to seeing you all NEXT YEAR!