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Prevention of Dengue Fever

In response to the Southeast Asian region and Guangdong dengue epidemic, for those who are travelling to those dengue endemic areas are advised to stay in the accommodation with mosquito-proof facilities, wear light-colored and long-sleeved clothing and use mosquitoes repellent on exposed areas. In Macao, you are advised totake all precautionary measures, such as installing window screens, use of mosquito coils and wear light-colored long-sleeved clothing and use mosquito repellent on exposed areas. Aedes albopictus is active in the morning and evening activities, hence,  please pay special attention during those times.

Dengue fever is an acute infectious disease caused by the dengue virus, this virus mosquito (Aedes albopictus) bites humans and spreading the disease.  Aedes likes to lay eggs on clean and a small amount of still water.  Hence, you are all advised to clear the extra water found in the containers of office/home water plants, pots, air-conditioner and outdoor water containers too.  

Early symptoms of dengue fever like fever, joints, muscles, and orbital pain, skin rash may occur after a few days. SSM urged the public if any of the above symptoms appears shall seek for medical attention immediately and report their travel history to the doctor(especially for those patients who are back from the dengue endemic areas).