Lighting System

T5 Fluorescent Tubes

All the fluorescent tubes are replaced from the model T8 to T5, which helps to saving up 1/3 of the electricity. In addition, infrared sensors are equipped in most of the offices, washrooms and public areas. All lightings can be automatically operated by motion sensor when unattended to reduce energy wastage.

The new T5 tube consumes 14W, while a T8 Tube (old) consumes 18W, there are a total of 1, 440 T5 tubes in Inspiration Building, by changing from T8 to T5, we can totally save 13,478 kWh electricity per year, equivalent to an annual reduction of 5.4 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Solar Lawn Light

LED solar lawn lights are installed at our Herb Garden, Aerial Garden, front lawn of Pousada de Mong Ha and Educational Restaurant, it helps to absorb solar energy in the day time and transform it into electricity to support the lighting during evening. It generates 2V-4.5V of electricity and can operate 40 hours after fully charge in the day time.