Incoming Student Exchange Programme

Incoming Student Exchange Programme

Who can apply?

Applicants must be undergraduate students currently enrolled at and nominated by a higher education institution with which IFT has a student exchange agreement.

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How to apply?

Nomination should be made through home institution which will send the following documents to for institutional assessment:

-          Student’s CV, with full contact details (e.g. email and postal address)
-          Scanned copy of mainland China ID card (if applicable)
-         Scanned copy of English proficiency proof (for students from institutions in which English is not the medium of instruction)

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English proficiency requirement

Public assessment

Minimum requirement






Overall: 6.0


IBT: 77
CBT: 210
PBT: 550

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Nomination deadline

Application deadline

Semester 1 (August – December)

30 April

30 June

Semester 2 (January – May)

30 September

30 November

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Documents for admission

Upon official acceptance from IFT, the following documents should be submitted to IFT:

Online application:

Documents to be uploaded in the above Application Form:

  • PDF scanned copy of the Medical Examination Report, completed by a licensed medical examiner.

    Vaccination Information please refer to the guideline issued by Governo da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau Serviços de Saúde:

  • PDF scanned copy of official academic transcript showing all courses completed at home institution;
  • PDF scanned copy of an insurance policy (in English / Chinese) with coverage for the full period of stay in Macao (policy coverage should at least include personal accident, hospitalisation and medical expenses). If students cannot arrange the said insurance before arriving Macao, they can purchase the insurnace covering their travel to Macao first. They can then purchase accident and medical insurance with any insurance company in Macao after their arrival;
  • JPEG scanned image of passport-use (1.5” x 2.0” / 35mm x 45mm) white-background colour photograph ;
  • JPEG scanned image of passport personal data page *(personal data are to be forwarded to Immigration Department for student visa application);
  • JPEG scanned images of the personal data page of “Exit-Entry Permit to Hong Kong and Macao” ^ (personal data are to be forwarded to Immigration Department for student visa application);
  • JPEG scanned images of “Type-D” visa ^ (personal data are to be forwarded to Immigration Department for student visa application);
  • (If applicable) An official medical/institutional proof (in English / Chinese) detailing any kind of personal disability which entails a need for special study and evaluation arrangements.

    * for non-Mainland China applicants only

    ^ for Mainland China applicants only 

Document original to bring along to Macao:

  • Two hardcopies of passport-use photograph with white-background colour for student visa and miscellaneous applications in Macao.

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Student Hostel accommodation

Accepted exchange students may apply for accommodation at our Student Hostel.

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Useful materials for exchange students

-            Academic calendar

-            Course offerings in 2019/20 semester 1
-            Course offerings in 2019/20 semester 2 (tentative)

-            Information Guide for Non-local Students
-            Prospectus
-            Student Handbook
-            Welcoming Week
-            Exchange students of the year

-            Campuses and facilities

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